The future master in Pedagogía de los Idiomas Nacionales y Extranjeros from Universidad Técnica de Manabí will be able to:

  • apply new pedagogical trends for teaching English; • design innovative strategies to develop language skills in students at different levels of education;
  • implement educational solutions for solving problems about language acquisition;
  • promote interculturality through didactic activities that allow the development of intercultural competence in students;
  • train English teachers to improve practice in the classroom;
  • design didactic material adapted to the student needs and their sociocultural context;
  • adapt the curriculum focused on students with different types of disabilities;
  • propose the development of reading skills to encourage students to read;
  • evaluate productive and receptive skills based on the guidelines proposed by the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages;
  • design innovative educational proposals to promote English language learning


  • Bachelor degree according to the entry profile for the master program. Professionals with undergraduate degrees obtained in Ecuador must be previously registered with SENESCYT. In the case of undergraduate degrees obtained abroad, they must present it duly apostilled or legalized by consular via, by the provisions of the Reglamento de Régimen Académico issued by the CES.
  • Copy of identity card/passport and voting certificate
  • Professional CV updated
  • Pass the admission process established in the Reglamento General of Instituto de Posgrado of Universidad Técnica de Manabí (valid for the selection of candidates in case of large numbers of applications for admission).
  • Hold one of the following international certifications of English language proficiency (level B2 or higher):

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Noviembre 2023


Magíster en Pedagogía de los Idiomas Nacionales y Extranjeros Mención Enseñanza de Inglés




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